Newest and Upcoming Products

  • QX-Limitless (QXW)

    Dive into the comprehensive training dedicated to our latest update - QX-Limitless. This tool revolutionizes connectivity, transforming it into a seamless, hassle-free experience that ensures continuous productivity and wireless control. QX-Limitless incorporates advanced dual-band communication technology and range of up to 65 meters, seamlessly supporting up to 10 tools simultaneously. Reduction in hardware requirements means substantial cost savings, making QX-Limitless a financially savvy solution. Furthermore, the tool's compliance with nearly all corporate IT regulations and multiple cybersecurity certifications guarantee enhanced data protection. It meticulously restricts access to unauthorized devices, thus fortifying your security infrastructure and ensuring strict compliance with rigorous corporate cybersecurity regulations. Embrace the future of connectivity with QX-Limitless, designed to optimize your control and productivity without the constraints of cords.

  • Air Starter (ST2000)

    Your source for essential training on our new ST2000 inline axial flow turbine air starter. The ST2000 is a groundbreaking innovation led by its inline design, allowing for efficient air consumption, unlocking extraordinary power for engines ranging from 15 liters up to 150 liters. This lightweight starter packs a 70 horsepower punch into a 40-pound package, with 347 foot-pounds of torque. It's built to produce, protect, and extend the product life of engines and starting components, making it one of the smartest starters in the market. Additionally, its emphasis on ease of mounting and ergonomics makes it a one-person job, even in tight spaces.

  • Cordless 20V Impact / Driver (W3001 Series)

    Your source for essentials training on our newest series of cordless impacts. W3111 Compact 1/4” Impact Driver; W3131 Compact 3/8” Impact Wrench; and W3151 Compact 1/2” Impact Wrench. Featuring the latest in brushless motor technology, they offer unmatched torque performance among cordless compact impact tools. Built for durability, each tool includes full metal hammer case, impact-resistant housing, and shock-absorbing bumpers. Ingersoll Rand Cordless Impact Tools are compatible with all IQV® 20V Batteries and includes 3 Year Warranty.

  • Cordless 20V Angle Grinder (G5351)

    Your source for essentials training on our newest addition to the cordless product lineup. This 4-1/2” / 5” class cordless angle grinder includes side handle, Type-1 guard, and Type-27 guard for cutting and material removal applications. It’s powerful 1hp brushless motor handles intensive tasks with long runtime and lasting reliability. A compact angled head, slim handle, and short 12.5” length provide excellent tool maneuverability and control. Tool-free guard adjustment and accessory changes couple with anti-kickback and E-brake features to provide a safe, hassle-free experience. The G5351 is compatible with all IQV® 20V Batteries and includes 3 Year Warranty.

Recently Launched Products

  • High Speed Impacting Ratchet (1211MAX)

    Your source for essentials training on our new impacting ratchet. The 1211MAX's reactionless twin hammer impacting mechanism delivers 66 ft-lb of tightening torque without unintended kick back, avoiding injury to hands and making it a real knuckle saver when working in a tight spot. Running off bolts is faster than ever with a remarkable 625 revolutions per minute (RPMs), speeds two times greater than other powered ratchets and almost three times faster than its previous generation.

  • Heavy Duty Air Hammer (135MAX)

    Your source for essentials training on our next generation air hammer. The 135MAX HD Air Hammer delivers incredible performance and power while leveraging a fine-tuned feather-able trigger, inspired by legendary Ingersoll Rand impact wrenches, for more precision and even better results. Featuring an optimized combination of power and speed to achieve best-in-class BPM, the 135MAX can breeze through any job, from heavy duty front-end applications to the driving and shearing jobs that call for a lighter touch. And it’s all backed by a two-year warranty. Send your productivity soaring with the 135MAX HD Air Hammer.

  • Heavy Duty Impact Wrench (2955 Series)

    Your source for essentials training on our powerful and innovative 1½” square drive Impact Wrench.

  • Engraving Pen (140EP)

    Your source for essentials training on the Ingersoll Rand 140EP Engraving Pen. This is the time-saving easy-to-use tool you’ve been looking for. It’s been ergonomically designed for top-notch precision on any surface–from alloys to brittle ceramics and everything in between. In fact, its ability to engrave even the hardest materials makes it one of the most efficient and reliable tools in your arsenal. And, because comfort is king, the 140EP comes equipped with a soft rubber grip and slender body design, making it ideal for extended use.

  • Virtual Learning Opportunities

    • Fastening Basics Foundation

      Your source for knowledge and instruction for servicing IR's Cordless Precision Fastening product. Available in on-demand on in person (onsite or remote). Request new training to get started today!

    • Cordless Precision Fastening Overview

      Your source for knowledge and instruction for servicing IR's Cordless Precision Fastening product. Available in on-demand on in person (onsite or remote). Request new training to get started today!

    • QX-Limitless Network Demo Setup

      Tech tips essentials to quickly demonstrate the QX-Limitless tool connecting with MTC controller. Be ready to showcase the simplicity and power of this platform, emphasizing how it delivers uninterrupted productivity through its advanced wireless technologies. Exhibit how it can accommodate up to 10 tools on INSIGHTqcx MTC controller, ensuring a versatile and comprehensive solution for various tasks. Place a spotlight on compliance with stringent corporate IT regulations, reinforcing robustness by emphasizing multiple cybersecurity certifications. Further, elucidate how the QX-Limitless ensures swift and comprehensive data transfer between devices, which in turn guarantees increased production efficiency. By emphasizing these features, you'll be able to demonstrate how QX-Limitless offers a complete, integrated solution for all fastening projects and applications, making it a prime choice for organizations seeking to optimize their operations.


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